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Making blocks. Chinese quince ( orange color wood ) Rosewood and American black walnut.

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Taping blocks.

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Last Sunday I did harvest work of my rice field at last.
It was a calm and warm, very nice day for the harvest. Son’s and daughter’s family came for help, but I used the big harvest machine this year, so there was not a lot of work by hand. These photos show the end moment of harvesting work, ( in the beginning I was very nervous about using harvest machine so I forgot to take photos ) grandson and granddaughter on the machine, it looks very happy and joyful scene, but it was not.
I used this old and huge harvesting machine last year and she( ? ) worked very well. Therefore I was thinking I can do more better than the last year…. but it was not. Maybe the reason was I didn’t understand the mechanism, it was too difficult for me to operate. I dug the earth several times and I had to take out the mud from the cutting blade. I was so disappointed .
We had a lot of rain this Autumn and the ground was very wet, the machine could move because she wears wide caterpillar but it became very muddy at the end. I have to clean up that, it takes 6 hours ( more than harvest work time ) it was hard….
I carried the rice seeds to the harvest center of JA ( Japan Agricultural Cooperation ) and asked to remove the husks from rice.
Anyway, my rice cultivating project 2017 was ended.
Now I am waiting the rice coming back…. Normally I feel very happy after harvest, but somehow I don’t have the happy and joyful feeling this year.
One week past after harvest. I look the empty rice field and still thinking how should I do next year.

Today I started to fix the ” Nyckelharpa “.
I bought some instrument parts from Amazon, and I am thinking to remodel for the nyckelharpa at first.
I brought back from Sweden ( thank you Tore!! I really appreciate for you )this spring but couldn’t handle it. I hope someday ( not in the far future ) I play this instrument and sing.

We had many rainy and windy days last month. But today October began, it is very fine and warm. My ricefield turned yellow, it is almost ready to harvest, but I think I have to wait for more ten days.