It’s already two weeks past of June. Time is flying very fast.

Last month I started rice cultivating of this year. We had a lot of snow in this area and rice field wouldn’t dry until the end of April. So May is a busy month for farmers.
After some of the tractor work, I finished planting end of May. This year I had a little trouble and couldn’t use my planting machine, so I asked neighborhood farmer for the plant. His machine was very big, it took just only one and half hour. In the old time we planted rice seedling by hand, if we plant my rice filled by hand, it will take 10 people /8 hours.

Two weeks passed, rice seedling grow gradually and also other plants coming up from the ground. I don’t want to use agrochemicals ( herbicide ), so every evening I am walking in my rice field and remove the weeds.

organic fertilizer mixing 1 10/05/2017

organic fertilizer mixing 2 10/05/2017

spreading fertilizer 10/05/2017

tractor working 10/05/2017

tractor working in the water ricefield 14/05/2017

ricefield full of water 26/05/2017

planting rice with a big machine 29/05/2017

the machine can plant 10 lines at once, fantastic!! 29/05/2017

only one and half hour to plant, amazing !! 29/05/2017

put water again and staring ricegrowing this year 29/05/2017

10 days past, rice seedling growing gradually 08/06/2017