After graduated from design school, he got a job for a furniture company in his hometown. Tanno had a dream to be a furniture designer, however, it was not easy and he couldn’t find his original design. Then he decided to have a workshop and began to make himself because the teacher of the school always said: ” In Scandinavia, a good designer should be a good craftsman “.  Tanno thought if he has a technique to make, he can design. Next year the first box exhibition was held in Sapporo and Mr, Nakai his friend, was invited. Nakai asked to help him and made two boxes together. Then one of them got a prize. This was the turning point of Tanno’s carrier. He was fascinated by that and started to make boxes with wooden parts after this exhibition.  He loved boxes because ” you can put anything in it, not just things but something more …  “.  People called Tanno ” the boxman “.
Now he is interested in the box for ” sound “.  He especially has an interest in ” nyckelharpa “, which is the Swedish traditional string instrument. He wants to make it and want to play and sing…
And also he has not given up the dream to be a furniture designer that is his first wish.

2018 Workshop and exhibition at Bodafors, Kulturgatan, Sweden
2016 Exhibition at Matsuya Ginza Design collection in Tokyo
2014 Summer school in CFW, Nelson New Zealand Lecture and demonstration in CFW(Center for FineWoodworking) Nelson New Zealand summer school in Fiskars Finland Lecture for how to use Router machine in Nagoya and Matsumoto Japan
2013 Lecture and demonstration in CFW(Center for FineWoodworking) Nelson New Zealand
2011 Workshop & Exhibition in Visby, Gotland Sweden
2010 Lecture in Carl Malmsten School, Stockton Sweden
2009 Group exhibition in Stockton Sweden
2006 Invited from Cappellagarden ( Öland Sweden ) as a teacher of summer school
2001 Exhibition in Yoyogi Tokyo
1996 Exhibition in Helsinki Finland
1992 Received the first prize awarded by “Exhibition of amusing wooden boxes 1992-3”, Asahikawa Museum.
1991 Received the Silver Prize awarded by “’91 Craft competition in Craft-city Takaoka”
1987 Received the Second Prize awarded by “Atelier nouveau competition” in Tokyo
1981 The wooden box made with Mr. Nakai Keijirou received the Encouragement Award at the “Exhibition of amusing wooden boxes”, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art.
1980 Started own workshop
1977 Resigned from the company and started to polish woodworking skills and improve designs
1973 Graduated from Hokkaido Institute of Design in Sapporo Started working at Interior Center Co.( CONDE HOUSE Co.) to be a furniture designer Worked for design & planning in the factory
1951 Born In Asahikawa-city, Hokkaido