I remade a box this month, it calls ” Drawer box with bud “. At first, I made this product 1999 but I never made again until now. I made these products for a group exhibition in Yokohama.
Little bud on the top of the box is the key. It can move and to open drawers you should pull up. I like this mechanism very much.


Yesterday neighbor farmer harvested his rice field with the machine. But my ricefield is still a little bit green, I have to wait to harvest in a couple of weeks.
The leaves of the ash trees beside the workshop turning yellow and began to fall. Autumn is deepening day by day.

Boards for frame parts piled and stayed few weeks.

Use hand feed planer.

Use automatic feed planar and make thickness to 9.6 mm.

Use hand feed planar for one side.

Make width with Jig fit for router machine.

Write the number to know the order for setting up the same outside board.

Use table saw and cut width to 76 mm.

Check the wood grain and decide the direction of cutting.

Put the green mark to know ” top and front “.

Use Router machine and make the inside space.

The rice flowers finished to blossom and the seeds begin to grow gradually. But a lot of weeds came to appear. I have to take out of those. The blue sky has Autumn feeling. I believe it will be more beautiful ” blue sky and golden rice field “. Harvest season coming close steadily.

use hand feed planer


use automatic feed planer


make thickness 21,5 mm


write the number both side and the edges of boards


use table saw and cut both sides


use automatic feed planer and make thickness 2.4 mm


pile boards and dry few weeks

Ears starting to appear
Today I found the ears starting to appear. Tiny little flowers are blooming, it’s very lovely !! Within one week almost all ears will come out. The harvest season coming close.

Two weeks passed from the pictures before. The rice and pumpkins are growing.The weeding work in night ended because the rice became big. I am just watching outside the rice field.

Mysterious light
Last night when I was weeding as usual with a head lamp, I suddenly wanted to know how it looks and took the movie. It was like this … My weeding work in the dark is almost ending this year because rice is grown up. It was little bit hard work but very fun.

See the wind.
It was very hot day today, over 32 degrees, too hot !! But in the morning time, we had wind and the rice field was waving. I really love this scene because I feel I can see the invisible wind. I tried to catch the wind in the movie…