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Making blocks. Chinese quince ( orange color wood ) Rosewood and American black walnut.

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Taping blocks.

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I remade a box this month, it calls ” Drawer box with bud “. At first, I made this product 1999 but I never made again until now. I made these products for a group exhibition in Yokohama.
Little bud on the top of the box is the key. It can move and to open drawers you should pull up. I like this mechanism very much.



Boards for frame parts piled and stayed few weeks.

Use hand feed planer.

Use automatic feed planar and make thickness to 9.6 mm.

Use hand feed planar for one side.

Make width with Jig fit for router machine.

Write the number to know the order for setting up the same outside board.

Use table saw and cut width to 76 mm.

Check the wood grain and decide the direction of cutting.

Put the green mark to know ” top and front “.

Use Router machine and make the inside space.


use hand feed planer


use automatic feed planer


make thickness 21,5 mm


write the number both side and the edges of boards


use table saw and cut both sides


use automatic feed planer and make thickness 2.4 mm


pile boards and dry few weeks


CH-4 Router work


last month I started card case CH-4 making this year. I designed this card case December 1992.  I have been making over 25 years, amazing!  How many cases we ( me and my wife ) made ? I don’t know …
I have been making so long time, I have lot of episode about this product, I will write little by little in this blog.  This type case we called ” CH-4 ” that means CH-1 ~ 3 cases exist, I will explain about these another time.

First, I try to find woods in my stockyard.  One case needs 25mm thickness and 110mm width and 80mm length. But my machine needs 120mm length, so normally I search wood over 160mm length for two card cases.

This time I found these woods. Some wood is very special, but I always feel the difference… I should say ” uniqueness ” of each wood.  So I think every wood is so  special. They have their own character and language.  I always feel very happy to know the uniqueness, color,touch, smell … everything.

first drawing (?)   December 1992

old band saw in the stockyard

before cutting

after cutting  25mm × 110mm × 160mm〜

Acacia ( Japan )   Cherry ( japan )    Japanese apricot ( Japan )

Birds eye maple ( Canada )   Maple ( Canada )    Japanese maple ( Japan )

Wenge ( Africa )    Padock ( Africa )    Ebony ( South East Asia )

Oak ( Japan )   Japanese walnut ( Japan )   Japanese buried walnut ( Japan )

Spolted ash ( Canada ) African black wood ( Africa )   Japanese Yew ( Japan )

Sicamoa ( Canada )   American cherry ( North America )  American black walnut ( North America )

Victorian rosewood ( South America )   Inbuia ( South America )   Paorosa ( Africa )

Indian rosewood ( South East Asia )   Rosewood (  South East Asia )   Narra (  South East Asia )

Zelkova ( Japan )   Buried zelkova ( Japan )   Chestnut ( Japan )